BY JACKIE HOOK For many, today is a day that involves gifts. As members of the Learning to Live: What’s Your Story? Initiative, we want to share some of the gifts we’ve received through our journeys from loss. Even though we’ve experienced loss, we’ve found gifts along the way and […]

Loss Can Bring Unexpected Gifts

BY JAVIER F. CASADO PEREZ I was asked to contribute to an ongoing dialogue on grief and loss by writing about thanksgiving and gratitude. When I was initially asked to write about gratitude and thanksgiving, I was excited. I’ve practiced a grateful mindfulness for several years now. I sat and […]

Mourning the Loss of a Different Future

Our daughter said, “Mom, Dad, we need to talk — it’s important.” Parents of any teenager know that momentary panic — “What can this be about?” — followed by a mental checklist of possibilities. But this time, nothing on the checklist was even close to the truth. “I’m transgender.” This […]

Events Seek to Build a Bridge Between LGBTQ and Faith ...

BY CHRISTIAN BRADY A few weeks ago I was in Pittsburgh speaking about suffering and grace. I shared about the loss of our son, Mack, who died of a blood infection just short of his ninth birthday on New Year’s Eve 2012, and I shared about the grace of our […]

Celebrate the Love after a Loss

BY BEN WIDEMAN As a campus minister for 3rd Way Collective, I find myself in a lot of interesting spaces. Our organizational identity is rooted in faith-based peace and social justice, and striving for this means that our work ends up centering on what it means to belong. So many […]

Community Creates a Sense of Belonging

BY DIANA MALCOM During the past few years, our world has known tremendous tragedy. Just last month, a plane crashed at our own airport, taking the life of a generous doctor and his pilot. That’s the local. It’s almost too painful to think beyond our own village. It demands much […]

Grieve a Great Loss at Your Own Pace

BY ALICIA ANDERSON I could barely drag myself out of bed the morning after Willow died. For nearly four and a half years, she had been the main reason I got up early, dressed and went out to walk in all weather. A gray and white Siberian Husky with heaps […]

Social Media Grief Sharing Can Help Heal

BY F. GLENN FLEMING When I began my career in the funeral industry at the age of 21, I had a lot to learn. Looking back on it a half-century later, one thing I’ve learned is I would do it all over again. Although the hours were pretty hard on […]

Lessons Learned as a Funeral Director