BY KATIE KOSTOHRYZ If it weren’t for the loss of my sister, Kristin, I wouldn’t be the counselor and professor of counseling I am today. My life’s work is how I choose to love every day through loss. On that summer day years ago, I lost not only my sister […]

The Loving Never Stops

If you missed Elizabeth Brady’s story at “Loving Through It,” you can read her essay here: Thank you, Elizabeth, for beautifully sharing your hope with us!

The Downstairs Thief

It was a full house at The Attic at the State Theatre Monday evening, February 20. Seven individuals shared their inspiring stories of loving through loss.Thank you to our storytellers, Pam Lehrman, Wayne Cross, Katie Kostohryz, Jacki Hunt, Julia Rater, Beth McLaughlin and Elizabeth Brady, and our musical talent, Ned […]

“Loving Through It” Fills The Attic

We hope you can join us for a meaningful evening of MOTH-style storytelling and music about loving through loss. SOTS_flyer1

Loving through It

BY ANNIE MASCELLI A ritual is a symbolic enactment of an intention. In this ritual, you’ll be symbolically releasing the past and affirming the future you want to create — turning your life experience into the wisdom that will guide you in the future. Use these guidelines as a starting […]

Use a Personal Ritual to Help You Let Go and ...

BY JACKIE HOOK For many, today is a day that involves gifts. As members of the Learning to Live: What’s Your Story? Initiative, we want to share some of the gifts we’ve received through our journeys from loss. Even though we’ve experienced loss, we’ve found gifts along the way and […]

Loss Can Bring Unexpected Gifts

BY JAVIER F. CASADO PEREZ I was asked to contribute to an ongoing dialogue on grief and loss by writing about thanksgiving and gratitude. When I was initially asked to write about gratitude and thanksgiving, I was excited. I’ve practiced a grateful mindfulness for several years now. I sat and […]

Mourning the Loss of a Different Future

Our daughter said, “Mom, Dad, we need to talk — it’s important.” Parents of any teenager know that momentary panic — “What can this be about?” — followed by a mental checklist of possibilities. But this time, nothing on the checklist was even close to the truth. “I’m transgender.” This […]

Events Seek to Build a Bridge Between LGBTQ and Faith ...