For many, today is a day that involves gifts. As members of the Learning to Live: What’s Your Story? Initiative, we want to share some of the gifts we’ve received through our journeys from loss. Even though we’ve experienced loss, we’ve found gifts along the way and hope that you […]

Loss Can Bring Unexpected Gifts

I was asked to contribute to an ongoing dialogue on grief and loss by writing about thanksgiving and gratitude. When I was initially asked to write about gratitude and thanksgiving, I was excited. I’ve practiced a grateful mindfulness for several years now. I sat and pondered this question, took in […]

Mourning the Loss of a Different Future

Our daughter said, “Mom, Dad, we need to talk — it’s important.” Parents of any teenager know that momentary panic — “What can this be about?” — followed by a mental checklist of possibilities. But this time, nothing on the checklist was even close to the truth. “I’m transgender.” This […]

Events Seek to Build a Bridge between LGBTQ and Faith ...

A few weeks ago I was in Pittsburgh speaking about suffering and grace. I shared about the loss of our son, Mack, who died of a blood infection just short of his ninth birthday on New Year’s Eve 2012, and I shared about the grace of our faith that we […]

Celebrate the Love After a Loss

As a campus minister for 3rd Way Collective, I find myself in a lot of interesting spaces. Our organizational identity is rooted in faith-based peace and social justice, and striving for this means that our work ends up centering on what it means to belong. So many of the local, […]

Community Creates a Sense of Belonging

During the past few years, our world has known tremendous tragedy. Just last month, a plane crashed at our own airport, taking the life of a generous doctor and his pilot. That’s the local. It’s almost too painful to think beyond our own village. It demands much of us, as […]

Grieve a Great Loss at Your Own Pace

I could barely drag myself out of bed the morning after Willow died. For nearly four and a half years, she had been the main reason I got up early, dressed and went out to walk in all weather. A gray and white Siberian Husky with heaps of soft fur, […]

Social Media Grief Sharing Can Help Heal

When I began my career in the funeral industry at the age of 21, I had a lot to learn. Looking back on it a half-century later, one thing I’ve learned is I would do it all over again. Although the hours were pretty hard on my family and me, […]

Lessons Learned as a Funeral Director