BY EVELYN WALD March 21, 2018 11:17 AM Lately, I hear more and more people anxiously awaiting — when will spring weather finally arrive? Here in Pennsylvania we experience four seasons. Throughout the year weather and nature change as we transition from one season to another. Winter into spring may […]

Grief Also Has Its Seasons

BY MEMBERS OF PENN STATE’S COUNSELOR EDUCATION GRIEF AND LOSS CLASS January 26, 2018 08:39 AM The following are reflections from a counselor education grief and loss class at Penn State on why grief is important. Fifteen students contributed to the list. ▪ Grief is a universal experience that we all […]

Why is Grief Important?

BY JENNIFER STUBBS DECEMBER 21, 2017 10:06 AM If you listen closely, there are moments of silence that will touch deep within your soul. But, I haven’t always been able to truly hear those moments. For me, the turning point was four years ago: The doctor makes an awkward face […]

Hearing the Moments of Silence

Please read Elizabeth Brady’s most recent article on Open to Hope, This website also has many resources available to those needing tips for the holidays.

Keep the Door to Your Soul Open

BY EVELYN WALD How old were you when you had a pet or loved one die? Many folks can remember their first significant loss — even the goldfish from Grange Fair that may have only lasted a few months. Children grieve. Alan Wolfelt, an expert on grief says: “If you’re […]

Show Your Support on Children’s Grief Awareness Day

BY BETH MCLAUGHLIN On the morning of New Year’s Day, 2017, I sat on the balcony of my condominium and gazed at the Atlantic Ocean. The sun had just risen, smearing the sky with splashes of pink and orange before being overshadowed by a smudge of slate gray clouds. I […]

In Grief, Laughter Goes with Tears

BY ELIZABETH BRADY Last Sunday, the Penn State men’s soccer team was ready to open its Big Ten season against Maryland. As the fans arrived at Jeffrey Field, my husband and daughter and I lined up beneath the bleachers along with our late son Mack’s soccer team, the Celtics. We […]

Four Years after Mack Brady’s Death, Visiting the ‘What Ifs’

BY CASEY GOODALL There is no formula for grieving. Everyone does it in his/her own time and in his/her own way. The most important point is that we do it. Grief has its way with us whether we pay attention to it or not. For me, there is no other […]

Grief Is a Journey You Take One Day at a ...

BY EVELYN WALD During the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts, Learning to Live: What’s Your Story? sponsored a Community Remembrance Creation event. The mission of our collaborative partnership is to encourage people to share their stories of how they are learning to live with loss — loss, grief, growth […]

Community Members Use Art to Express Grief

BY BRENDA OYLER KIM LINKEDIN GOOGLE+ PINTEREST REDDIT PRINT ORDER REPRINT OF THIS STORY I was 38 years old when my brother died suddenly. At the time of his death, I was living in another state more than eight hours away from my family. I will never forget receiving the […]

Each Loss Is Unique